Fees, Finance and Vacancies

Our standard fees (as from 1st April 2022), which cover most private and social services funded clients, are:

Standard Single Rooms

£1260 per week

Superior Sized Single Rooms

from £1357 to £1455
per week

Double Room
(please enquire to availability)
£1000 per person
per week


The above fee rates are inclusive of any eligible and awarded NHS Funded Nursing Contribution (FNC).The current rate (as from 1st April 2022) for FNC is £209.19 per week.

Financing any nursing home care is expensive and can be complicated and we would recommend that you seek the services of an Independent Financial Adviser to assist you in this process.

Please click on this link for our own Financial Information Booklet

Please note that we review our fees every April.

Please note that our vacancy status can often change unexpectedly and this part of the site may not have been updated accordingly. Always feel free to call or email to ask for the latest vacancy information.

Vacancy update:

as of 11th July 2022, we have the following vacancies:

Standard single room – 0 available 

Superior sized single room – 0 available